Launching Monday, March 23, 2020 get your free hand sanitizer. Shipping out Tuesday, March 24.

Free Hand Sanitizer

There are three ways to sanitize, guys:

1) Buy some for yourself, family, and friends

It's on pre-order until Tuesday, and all we're waiting on is labels. There are no limits on order quantities for buying sanitizer. If you get more than 8, it'll probably come to you in a 12-pack box. As much as we wish we could give it all away, we are a tiny company and are trying to be careful to keep ourselves and our employees afloat during these challenging times. This is on sale for a massive discount right now and we'll keep it there as long as we can.

2) Donate some to someone or a group of people

At the link above, you can donate bottles of hand sanitizer and let us put them up on our site for free for people who need them, or you're welcome to write a note on your order or send us a message via our online form so we can send your donated bottles to a group you know needs it. For example, maybe you know a group of first responders who are having a hard time getting hand sanitizer. 

Buy some for them, tell us the address and name to mail it to, and include that on your order. We'll take care of shipping on orders over $50 and we'll send it letting them know it came from you.

3) Get Free Hand Sanitizer

If you've been hurting in this time, we want to help you. A lot of people are hurting now, and we are standing with you. We've all had our own share of hurt, fear, and pain, and it's beautiful to watch people join together in these times. We have a supply of free hand sanitizer up on our site now, it's limited to 2 bottles per household per week. We expect it to go very quickly.

If you're part of a group of first responders or medical personnel, or anyone in dire need, email us and let us know how many you need and we will try to get them sent to you. Since we are such a small company, we'll see what free stock we have available, and might look for people to donate to help meet the need. We're not sure how big a floodgate we're opening here, but we want to do everything in our power to help!

Individuals will continue to donate free hand sanitizer, so if your family needs some, keep checking back. We'll be updating quantities daily, sometimes multiple times per day. You can sign up for updates on the product page to be alerted when more free hand sanitizer is available.

We want this to go where it's needed and we know we're in a unique place to have packaging ready to go and product ready to bottle, so we want to use it to make a difference as much as we can. Small businesses can stand behind those in the trenches in this whole huge crisis. We thank you. 

And don't worry, we're not engaging in risky behavior to get this to you. We're a family business and all  employees are working from home. 

This comes directly from our hearts to you. We're Erica, Jason, and Eve, with baby boy on the way (due in May). The four of us are showing up each day to make sure this gets in the hands that need it. Thanks for letting us stand with you in this time and thanks for standing in the gap for us!

*If you email us, please remember we are a really tiny team and we're doing our best to fulfill orders with reduced shipping and manufacturing staff, keep up with emails and social media, and maintain excellent quality of care for everyone. We will get back to you quickly, and we are happy to serve you at this time! Thank you!

 Family Business

Thank you from our family to yours! Stay home, be safe, stay healthy, and thanks for being amazing people. Humanity is strong and we're going to get through this stronger than we started. 

*Photo was taken ages (several weeks) before any shutdowns or cases in the USA. We don't get lots of pictures of our family, but this is the group shipping to you. We bring our toddler to work with us every day right now. She's a super patient and amazing little person!

You can't tell in this picture because I'm wearing a donated behemoth coat, but I'm due with our baby boy in May! Jason grew up skiing basically as soon as he could walk and we've both taught ski school, so this was our first time taking Eve skiing and it was a day we'll never forget!

Blessings to you!