When I set out to work for Pit Liquor, I was on a mission. 

This mission, however, wasn’t just to get any old job. I was looking for something that challenged my creativity, enhanced my life, and brought out my passion for health and wellness.

Little did I know Pit Liquor would be that something for me. 

It’s safe to say (and I assume your first impression of alcohol derived deodorant was similar) I was immediately intrigued. I was amused by the play on words, Pit Liquor. I read The Science of Stink and went full on stalk mode, and then I made up my mind. This Pit Liquor was onto something. Not to mention, as an avid ingredients reader, I was on board knowing I completely recognized what’s in this stuff. For once! I knew every single ingredient, and I loved that there was purpose behind all of them. 

Fast forward to now, from being behind the scenes and a part of the team, I feel lucky to contribute to a movement devoted to making pits a better place. 

Before working at Pit Liquor, I really thought I had done my research. I was aware of the risky presence of aluminum and the copious amount of greenwashed products on the shelves that really hid harmful chemicals, but learning about Pit Liquor changed the game. And so did my first whiff of Blue Lotus, by the way. 

Pit Liquor really beat out any natural alternatives I tried, and I was excited about this new approach to deodorant - classy glass bottle, refreshing spray, and something you want to display in your bathroom.

A disruption of the deodorant space, if you will. 

Oh, and it’s effective. Those overproof spirits act as a powerhouse machine in doing away with the bad bacteria. My favorite part? It doesn’t prevent sweating. This aligned with my holistic nature of keeping things natural. 

Those characteristics, on top of the commitment to transparency, is why you won’t witness me putting anything else on my pits, or anywhere else for that matter. I don’t just use Pit Liquor for BO, I spritz it on like body spray and perfume, I use it to spray down my yoga mat, and it’s in my bag when I’m hiking. Pit Liquor goes wherever I go. An emotional support deodorant, what a concept!

When I brought my first couple of bottles home, I urged my boyfriend to give the magic a try. He was in the antiperspirant crowd, and I wanted the best for him. I wanted him to try Pit Liquor. Once he found out the formulas were powered by whiskey and vodka, he was sold. I didn’t even have to tell him why. Being the smart guy he is, he knew how genius of an idea this was for getting rid of stink and bacteria. He was sold! Now, I’ve recruited my entire family to jump on the Pit Liquor bandwagon. Score! I’ll be giving the gift of Pit Liquor every year from now on. 

It’s pretty obvious - Pit Liquor has become my staple and it fits perfectly into my lifestyle. Who knew deodorant would become such a talking point? 

It turns out, the mission I embarked on was a complete success. I get to brag about Pit Liquor AND smell the best I ever have. It’s a win-win situation. 

I’m dying to know - how did you discover Pit Liquor? This is your chance. Give me all your life-changing stories about your stink and BO before you switched to Pit Liquor. 

Drop some hype for the best deodorant below. 

January 24, 2023 — Hanna Boeckenstedt


Dan said:

Do you know if this has helped people who have a sweat odor from certain medications?

Chris said:

I have struggled to find the perfect natural deodorant for a couple years. I finally came across this brand and not to be too dramatic but my life is forever changed! Pit liquor is not only the first natural deodorant that has actually worked for me it actually smells good, it lasts, and it doesn’t make me sweat more than usual. It literally feels like I’m wearing an antiperspirant, a few sprays and I smell fresh all day even when I wake up after a night of sweating! This stuff really works! My favorite scent so far is Blue Lotus 💙

Julia said:

I found Pit Liquor on a FB feed. I loved the name and had to order some !!! I love it so much that I probably have close to 20 bottles…I always have to try out the new scents !!!! THANK you Pit Liquor !!!!

Amanda said:

I found Pit Liquor while I was struggling with finding an effective natural deodorant. Most of the others I tried made me smell worse than if I didn’t use anything! I had heard all the gross things about antiperspirant ingredients and they never did stop the sweat anyway so I figured I’d just do without them. Even though Pit Liquor is not an antiperspirant, I sweat less than I used to, maybe because my skin can actually breathe? I am dangerously in love with the Palo Santo+clary sage and the new Tranquility is an obsession also, I’ve actually been reaching for that one the most these past couple of weeks. I love how simple and safe the ingredients are but I love how effective they are the most! And I have no more product build up on my skin, that feels amazing too!

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