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We deeply value having you here. We're a snarky, candid, and caring community gathered virtually around Pit Liquor deodorant. And you make us better!

Beyond the health rewards of choosing Pit Liquor as your truly natural deodorant, we have some other treats for you. Our Rewards Program is a great way to make the most of this pit bacteria-blasting bandwagon! Here's a quick overview of how to reward yourself, your pits, and even your friends' pits.

Points for Pit Liquor

To get started, go the Distilled Bath & Body home page (the parent company of Pit Liquor deodorant). Once you're there, look in the bottom right corner for the Rewards Program button.

Pit Liquor Home Page and Rewards Program Button

After clicking on the Rewards Program button, follow the prompts to sign in (if you already have an account) or to create an account. You'll get an email to verify your email address if you're setting up a new account (show us you're not a bot!). Once your email is verified, you're in!

Now you can explore the menus that open up when you select the Rewards Program button. It'll look something like this:

Rewards Main Menu

Click on Ways to Earn, and you'll see some fun, easy ways to gather more points for your pits. (Not all options are pictured below.)

Ways to Earn Pit Liquor Rewards

Then check out the equally fun and awesome Ways to Redeem the points you earn to treat yo'self or someone else. (Again, not all options are pictured below.)

Ways to Redeem Pit Liquor Rewards

Finally, have some fun referring friends because, hey, friends don't let friends stink!

Pit Liquor Referral Rewards

You'll get a unique referral code you can share with a friend in an email, or via Facebook or Twitter. Sharing is caring! Your friend will get a coupon for $12.95 off a purchase and you'll get $10 to put toward some Pit Liquor self-care. These referral codes are fun to offer friends and together we'll un-funk the world one armpit at a time!

If you have any questions as you begin reaping your Pit Liquor rewards, we're happy to help! Drop us a line at pitpals@distilledbody.com and we'll get to your questions ASAP. 


Laycie McClain is a long-time believer in Pit Liquor's efficacy and commitment to healthy ingredients. Her favorite flagship scent is Whiskey Pineapple and her favorite of the Limited Editions that have graced her pits was the wildly popular May Flowers. 

April 30, 2021 — Laycie McClain
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