Something Smells Like Excellence

It's YOU! You know how awesome it is to find a truly, 100% natural deodorant that does the job. You kind of want to shout it from the rooftops, right? With arms confidently raised because YOUR PITS DON'T STINK!

Man happy with his pits!

But talking about your pit funk and even its eradication can feel a bit awkward. Remember this—the pit odor battle is real for virtually every person on the planet. So why the stigma? Shake it off while you shake your bottle of Pit Liquor deodorant. When you've found something that works, share that juicy info because sharing is caring!

Speaking of sharing, it's part of gathering some great pit perks through Pit Liquor's recently expanded Rewards Program. Find out how to sign up here!

Need some ideas for getting started? Here's a fun launch list:

5 People in Your Life Who Need Pit Liquor!

Friends sharing Pit Liquor

  1. Your preteen or teen. Ah, the hormonal chaos of puberty. Remember that? Yeah, we've mostly blocked it out too. Why not lend a young one a hand in the deodorizing department? (And yep, Pit Liquor is safe for preteens and teens to use topicallymuch like hand sanitizer.)

  2. Your workout buddy. Whether that's someone you regularly join for pleasant walks or you Crossfit something fierce, Pit Liquor is necessary alongside any kind of calorie burn! Its bacteria-zapping ingredients stand up to some seriously sweaty situations

  3. Your friend who is navigating the wild west of online dating. All jokes aside, this can be a difficult space. Nervousness often comes with the territory and nerves can spell s.w.e.a.t. When things do finally move to a face-to-face meeting, your friend needs to be armed with some liquid courage! (In the pits!)

  4. Your pregnant pal who could use a self-love boost. Pregnancy is unbelievably beautiful, and it's also quite challenging. Much like the preteens or teens in your life, pregnant friends are riding a hormonal tidal wave and it stinks. Help your friend feel more like herself and more lovely to boot! Pit Liquor is wonderfully safe for use during pregnancy and, in fact, pregnancy birthed Pit Liquor's creation!

  5. Your happy hour bestie. You know this BFF loves to gather round for a fun libation. Why not introduce this pal to a seriously unique cocktail that'll bring some levity to their pits too? And it'll last longer than a happy hour. 

There you have it! Your mission to improve the life of 10 pits you know. You can rock this with fun and care because hey, friends don't let friends stink

Pit Liquor deodorant works!

Laycie McClain lives nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, CO. It's a handy place to live for a Wyoming native who treasures mountain adventures, a good craft beer, and plenty of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors with her husband and daughter.

Laycie McClain
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