Dear Customers, 

We want to share some big news with you. As a start-up, Pit Liquor has had a lot of ups and downs, but this past year has been a doozy. You know we expanded operations to Canada with hopes of growing the business. What you don’t know is that our family is also growing—Erica is pregnant, and we turned the reins over to partners we vetted thoroughly and thought we could trust, so that we could focus on our family. There is no easy way to talk about what happened next. We were lied to and stolen from, and ultimately the actions of those contractors forced the company and our family into financial ruin. We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to find a solution, and unfortunately, we’ve been forced into a foreclosure.

We were limited in our communications while this has been taking place, and it’s been painful not to be able to offer the customer service that’s always been the heart of our business. Our team has been on hold for weeks as we’ve negotiated and re-negotiated terms tirelessly, trying to obtain as much value for investors and customers as possible. It is a relief to be able to let you know what’s going on. 

Our lender assures us that Pit Liquor will continue on as a new company, and we have been assured that the lender's new owners will be working on fulfilling all orders. Our incredible team will be going with the new company, and manufacturing is being returned to the US and is being set up in Seattle right now, using our original recipes. The ending point of foreclosure is a painful one, but we are hopeful that these efforts lead to you being able to keep your relationship with Pit Liquor for the health of your body, your family, and the planet. It’s been an honor. Thank you for your patience.

Erica + Jason




This has been a hard year, but Pit Liquor will carry on. 

Pit Liquor manufacturing is being returned to the US and being set up in Seattle now. Our first batch is steeping right at this very moment. Our core team is staying with the business and remains dedicated to the brand and its values. We are using the original recipes and holding to the same standards that were developed in Colorado around ingredient vetting and quality control.

We will have a delay in order fulfillment while we make our big move. Product will soon be available on pre-sale at 25% off, until our fulfillment times are back to normal. We are so excited to bring operations back to the US and offer our highest quality product again. Stay tuned for more updates about our next chapters as we work to get things back on track. We know it will take time to earn your trust back, and we hope you’ll stick with us.

With Gratitude,

Team Pit Liquor

February 13, 2024 — Shena Lee


Noelle K said:

As a small business owner myself, I understand how quickly the tide can change and also how it’s not always easy to update customers about everything happening at that moment when your in the middle of a shit storm. So for those scolding you about selling your brand and not being transparent, shake it off. Those customers who are loyal and really respect the brand and what it stands for will remain and new ones will come with the original (and apparently better) recipe. I have only just recently found your company and am looking forward to my order coming.(please hurry as I’m out! lol) I’m sure the backlog is huge. All good vibes sent during this stressful and exciting time.

Todd Clow said:

Hurry please!! My pits need more liquor!
As you rebuild and find your bearings please make a small batch of Campfire that I can slather head to toe.

Hannah said:

I’ve been buying Pit Liquor for years. I definitely noticed a shift in the brand (not to my liking). I loved the old original scents. Pear & Cardamom is my favorite fall scent and Berry Pie is my all time favorite. Loved the artwork on the old labels too.

It’s unfortunate a bad business decision was made, but it explains so much. Quality had gone downhill. Damn the shady people who ruined a good thing – hope karma has its way with them.

Are the original owners still going to be involved? PLEASE BRING BACK BERRY PIE!

Mee said:

So what exactly is going nn? You outsourced and that failed, clearly. So who is running things now? Why the move? This just opens up more questions.

Nick and Tom said:

Wow, thought something was up. Pretty naive! Offloading your business without having your own people there to oversee? You are young, want to start a business from the bottom up, but also want to put family first? You will have to figure this out.

I am glad you are rising from the ashes and will continue to support you but you need to show the world you are serious about your mission.

Flora said:

I am not sure I agree with the whole thanks for being so transparent. It doesn’t really seem that transparent to me. This is a bummer but what happens when people start a company only to sell it off. Are the original owners just shareholders now? Who owns/makes the products now? Why Seattle? Have these always been made in large plastic tubs? I noticed the product change with my last couple orders; glad to know it wasn’t just me. It doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to. Total bummer. Best wishes to your family; you truly made a unique product.

Wanda said:

I am very sorry for your bad business dealings with those you had thought you could trust. But, …. I am also glad to read this and have hopes of finally getting my order, made December 31st. I have tried to get ahold of your company, to no avail, but thought from previous experience that you were a reliable company. Congratulations on your growing family and all the best to you in the near future. Thanks for the information. I hesitated to call PayPal about not getting the product and now I am so glad that I haven’t. I hope you can get things up and running smoothly and that your business will boom with profitable dealings all around. My family has been using your product for years.

T Heil said:

Thank you for letting us know about the struggles you’ve faced. I’ve been using the products since I met you at the Loveland Farmers Market 6 years ago and am glad you are returning to the original recipes. Congrats on the new addition to the family! Keep us all posted.

Jim said:

I just want to make sure I am understanding. Erica and Jason are still involved and a part of the new company. Am I correct? Was a (very) small investor and the loss of that investment does not matter. I am more concerned that E&J are able to make another go at it. As much as I enjoy the product I don’t want to support the people who put them in this position.

Meg said:

I am so sad you all have had such a terrible experience. But I’m so glad to hear it’s turning around!

I found you all a few years ago and never looked back at the crummy products I used to use. I look forward to seeing the amazing scents you create in the future! You have a life long customer in me

Jane said:

After the new PL partnership began and the scents changed, I no longer bought it because…well, it just no longer worked for me. I disliked that the product I had loved was so different. Every time I bought a different deodorant I grieved the loss of my beloved Warm Whiskey Cedar from PL. I am so excited and hopeful that the real thing is coming back! I feel sure there are more original PL customers who may have left and will happily return, like me. You have such a good thing with the original products. I hope the very best for your company! And congratulations on your new addition!

Julian said:

With such an excellent product, its surprising the business met such an unfavorable out ome.

Sherry said:

So sorry that you had to go through this. People are evil!
Congrats on the upcoming new addition!

Anthony La Russo said:

Erica + Jason,

So sorry to hear about all of this! I thought something might be going on—since I hadn’t been seeing as much of the fun lively and creative PL messages—but I certainly hadn’t imagined this.

—•Firstly, congratulations on the new member of your family. They bring light and hope.
—•Secondly, thanks for the honesty and transparency. In business dealings—especially to the public—this is so hard to do—especially given what has happened. Unfortunately, not everything can be detected upfront with alliances, and I am sorry you landed at that position.
—•Thirdly, I, too, like other, have turned quite a few people onto Pit Liquor. I think quite a few of us have stocked up for a while (all those great scents and offers) and were/are OK for a little while (we’re not hoarders…are we…?!) So we look forward to the restructure and its pretty speedy recovery here. Given everything that has happened, it is very impressive. Be proud, PL, we support you!

Thank you, on this Valentine’s Day, for being kind, honest, humble. And showing everyone—including previous partners— that—in business, included—these qualities can operate in abundance. Thanks for showing all of us the way.
~Anthony L., NYC

Preston said:

I am curious why you never went back to Kickstarter and tap into crowdfunding again? You know the rules on Kickstarter allow you to do additional campaigns, offering all the original campaign items as long as you offer at last something new and you definitely have new stuff since the first one.

Danielle Frost said:

I’m so sorry to hear this. As a CO native, this breaks my heart as I love supporting you all. I’ll continue to use your products but I’m saddened it seems Erica won’t be a part of things any longer. My family will be praying for you.

Heather S. said:

I’ll stick with you no matter what! Wish there was something I could help with, but I’m in MN 🙁
Glad you’re going back to local, but sorry about why. People suck.

Carol said:

Erica & Jason
I’m so sorry to hear the contractors took advantage of you and your company. I hope things will turn around for you and & that 2024 will be your best year yet. Congratulations on the new baby.

I’m thrilled to hear you will be back in production and going back to your loved original recipes.. I’ve been using your product for 3-5 years now and have introduced family & Friends To your product. I will continue to use Pit Liquor!!
You guys are the best and deserve the best..

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