Ever heard of a detox? No, we’re not talking about drying out after a bender. This detox is for your pits, and it’s not as complicated as you may have heard. 


Detoxing is just patience and sweat. Actual sweat.

If you've been using aluminum-containing deodorant, you’ll probably have to detox when you go natural. There’s nothing complicated about it—detox is just letting your body flush out toxins through sweat. The pores in your pits have literally been blocked by your antiperspirant to prevent you from sweating. As you end your relationship with aluminum, it’ll take some time to work all that gunk out of your pores and let your sweat flow freely again.

You don’t need anything special to detox—just patience. The coolest part about Pit Liquor? You don’t have to grin and bear the stink—you can reapply Pit Liquor throughout the day, because the alcohol base kills bacteria at its source, and the liquid formula means no gross build-up. As you get rid of toxins, your Pit Liquor will last longer and longer.


Still on the fence? We’ve got 5 tips to keep you sane as you detox:


1. Give your body 2-3 weeks to adjust

Bodies take time to make changes– you’re not going to detox your pits overnight like an iPhone update. Give yourself a few weeks to reset your underarm equilibrium before you give up. 


2. Stick With It

During that 2-3 week period, apply extra Pit Liquor as needed. You’re going to have some stinky days, but spraying on Pit Liquor will kill off the bacteria and BO (it just won’t last as long while the toxins are actively detoxing). Our team suggests throwing a bottle in your bag or your car so you can reapply as needed.


3. Sweat It Out

Sweat, sweat, sweat! Anything you can do to flush those toxins will get you stink-free faster. Go to a sauna, stand outside in August, go for a run… you get the idea. Your sweat glands are experts at pushing out toxins, so the more you sweat, the faster your body will recover.


4. Wash Your Clothes

Pit stink is insidious- it crawls into the pits of your shirts and stays for good. Give your bras, tops, and jackets an extra spritz with stain remover before washing, and run them through a hot water load for good measure. Have delicate items that can’t go in the wash? You can spray Pit Liquor right on the stinky area to eradicate scent. Just use light-colored scents on light-colored clothes and spot-check first.


5. Keep Using Pit Liquor

No really, we mean it. Pit Liquor’s unique formulation kills bacteria at its source rather than just masking odor. Over time, less bacteria will gather in your pits making you a generally less stinky human. Cheers to that.

Ready to start your detox? Grab one of our deodorants now.



Jason and Erica Feucht
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I’ve reached post clear-out on my pores. When I started with Pit Liquor I had to apply 3 times a day, which scared me at first. After a few days it got better, and better. I am down to once a day with an extra refresh maybe once a week. But, SPRAY YOUR CLOTHES! You don’t have to use your deodorant but it is a nice extra boost of good smells. Just make sure you do it after sweaty days and such, your jackets will thank you!

— Faye