Some of the best things in life come in pairs - fuzzy wool socks, weekend days, Twix candy bars, armpits. Busy Bee Lavender Farm and Pit Liquor also make quite a dynamic duo when it comes to creating fresh smelling, nature made products you can't wait to put on your pits.

The Pit Liquor team joined forces this summer to help Jenny at Busy Bee Lavender Farm harvest this season’s lavender crop. Busy Bee Lavender farm is located in Fort Collins, Colorado and run by a family of flower enthusiasts.

After cutting, gathering, bundling, and drying, the lavender arrives at our Fort Collins facility Then, we steep the lavender springs in whiskey, for a unique, one-of-a-kind deodorant that looks, smells good, and snuffs out stank. Each cute lavender spring in your bottle of deodorant was lovingly hand-picked by someone at Busy Bee.

Unlike many other deodorants on the market, we can actually point to where our ingredients come from, and we personally know the folks behind them. In fact, all of the lavender we use comes from Busy Bee, which is just down the road from our headquarters.

A major part of our company’s ethos hinges upon using whole, nature-made ingredients sourced locally, whenever possible. 90% of our ingredients are domestic and we’re still aiming for 100%. Right now, we're on the hunt for a state-side supplier of vanilla bean, black pepper, cloves, and arrowroot. So, if you’ve got a guy, give us a shout. 

Here’s the deal. We don’t just want to succeed in selling deodorant, we want to deliver a wholesome, high-quality product that uplifts everyone involved in the process. From the lavender growers to the whiskey distillers to the people putting us on their most precious of places, our main goal is to do good wherever we can. Everyone should feel the Pit Liquor love – except for those pesky bacteria residing under your arm.

Because of our partnership with Robin and Jenny Phillips at Busy Bee Lavender Farm, both of our locally owned companies have been able to scale up. Busy Bee’s high quality, organic lavender sets our product apart. As people started loving our lavender products, Busy Bee scaled up to meet our needs and has been able to provide a steady, consistent supply of this fragrant flower we’ve come to adore. Now in the fourth year of our partnership, over 15% of our deodorants sold are lavender scented.

Partnering with local, female-owned businesses, is just one way we’re hoping to make our city, state, and country a better place. All of our products are made in the USA, all of our ingredients are edible, and all of our team members are wholly committed to people, pits, and planet. Your purchase of Pit Liquor not only supports our female-owned business, but Busy Bee's flower family as well!


So happy my bees on Jenny’s farm help to produce lavender honey and pollinate the lavender which then goes into
your deodorant. I am a good customer of yours. I have added an additional 2 hives to the Lavender farm at Jenny’s and Robins’s farm. What a great cycle of life!~

— Laura Foote