First, a Bit of Nostalgia 

Remember David Letterman's "The Late Show?" I was a fan from a young age, and I mean young. Something of a night owl, I may have been the only child under age five who knew who David Letterman and Johnny Carson were. Or that in the 80s and early 90s, television programming eventually cut off when past a certain time and the screen turned to what looked like a blizzard in Wyoming. Both late night shows are American icons and one of the most beloved pieces of Letterman's show was his hilarious Top10 List.

In the spirit of the Letterman Top 10, your Pit Pals here at Distilled Bath & Body have assembled a Top 10 list of Pit Liquor reviews...thus far. We see wildly creative, funny, and awesome reviews come in via our Facebook and Instagram accounts and more. We're always looking at the responses from those who have given Pit Liquor a whirl. Wordsmith a witty, helpful, and true review and you may just see your words featured on one of our social media channels or here on the blog!

Without further ado...

The Top 10 of "Why My Pits Love Pit Liquor"

(Can you hear The Late Show band's drumroll?)

10. Pit Liquor is the first natural deodorant that has actually worked for me, and I have tried so many brands! I love the clean feeling and zero buildup you get with their sprays, and the Whiskey Lavender fragrance is so light and dreamy! @readingrainbowbright

9. This is the most amazing  natural deodorant I have ever tried, and I have tried so so many. I went the entire day, in unseasonably warm weather, running around my school after students and what not, then straight to packing for moving, and then to signing documents and walkthroughs, all without any smell. I never, not smell. I usually re-apply deodorant multiple times a day. I am so happy. I will never switch. Get it, try it, love it, you're welcome. -Claudia Waite

8. First, I have [to] applaud their care, concern, and awesome customer service!! Seriously!!! A great product isn't always worth it if there isn't great customer service to go with it, but with Pit Liquor, they have both. I am a repeat customer because the deodorant WORKS. It is seriously the only thing that doesn't burn my underarms and is also natural and toxin free. Don't hesitate, try it!!! You'll love it! -Earin Corkran

7. I love this stuff! It got me though a hot, humid, Hawaiian summer without smelling like a beast. -Hope Wiri Bravo

6. This stuff works! I am allergic to almost all store bought deodorants and also can't use baking soda in homemade deodorant, either. I tried this as a last resort and it works! I love it! -Laurel Buchanan

5. I LOVE this deodorant!! It smells like alcohol for about 10 seconds after it's sprayed, then that fades out and the remaining smell is awesome!! Whisky Vanilla and Chai are my favorites. This keeps me smelling good, my pits don't get gooey from it, I don't get rashes like I do from baking soda ones, these are clear so it doesn't get a thing on your clothes. I've used 2 bottles over the course of a year... it lasts a long time! Plus check out the ethics of this company. It's pretty stellar. -Rachel Swim Campbell

4. Literally years of searching for a natural deodorant and I think I’ve finally found the one. I’m not playing, this stuff is the best. I’ve truly tried so many kinds, I’ve done the armpit detoxes… But listen, 4 years of fluctuating hormones, being pregnant or nursing and I’m like- just please give me a natural and safe on that works and guess what! My husband- who really won’t try most of the natural ones I’ve bought in the past- gave it a try and HE LIKED IT. I’m talking full work day + a work out and he was impressed. Another plus is both the packaging and bottles are all low waste. Pit Liquor you win- I’m a fan and will share it with anyone who wants to know about my armpits. @inefficientlygood

3. I ordered the limited edition of Champagne and Rose. I have very expensive pits! And dang proud of them! I also have the warm whiskey and cedar which is amazing and very neutral I can wear it with anything and the smell doesn't linger. Here in Tennessee it's humid 365 days of the year and my pits don't stink ever!! -Meredith Carins-Mullin Egretbay Pekingese

2. Pit Liquor, where have you been my whole entire post-pubescent life?! My life and my pits are forever changed! Revolutionary my friends! I can finally give up my need for men’s deodorant, toxic chemicals, and harsh ingredients for something I can feel good about putting on my body! This is not an ad… this is a VERY happy customer! @holy_fats

1. I am not one to write reviews...but I am one who has been on an Effective Deodorant Discovery Trek (uncommonly known as an EDDT) for about eight months. My search is over. Pit Liquor, you complete me. I have tried almost everything out there...including that popular one that rhymes with "sue me"...which was one of the worst of the gifted me with weird pimple like breakouts in my armpits-which I have never had in all my years of anti-perspirant & deodorant use! Oh and waiting for it to dry...and the negative results of not waiting for it to dry and having to change your shirt because it is covered in white crusty pasty stuff....sigh.... Enter Pit Liquor (angels singing and light rays burst through the dark clouds). It took away the funk AND cleared the weird breakout in less than two days.

I will be ordering every scent...including every special edition scent from now on...

*Your lavender scent-WOW-it's the first time a lavender scent actually smells like fresh lavender flowers and not a mildewy old towel to me.

Can you hear that? It's me tossing out all my other deodorants...

-PD on the Distilled Bath & Body website


There you have it folks! Your Pit Pals truly value your reviews, glowing or otherwise, and we listen to your praises and points for improvement. Drop us a line some time and let us know how Pit Liquor is working for you.


Laycie McClain lives nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, CO. It's a handy place to live for a Wyoming native who treasures mountain adventures, a good craft beer, and plenty of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors with her husband and daughter.