A Bun in the Oven and a Stink in the Pits

First, whether you've only just found out you're pregnant or you're a few months in—congratulations! Whether you're a first-time mom or you're carrying baby number two, three, four, five, or beyond—congratulations! The circumstances of pregnancies vary enormously but there is an underlying truth worthy of celebration...your body is doing something astonishing.

Remember that truth on the days that you don't feel so astonishing. As your body does this singularly beautiful thing, you'll also experience some things that get, well, weird. Many pregnancy side effects are well-known, such as morning sickness or the sometimes bewildering food cravings. 

There's also a long list of lesser-known, less talked about changes. One such change is the funk that comes with the big shifts in body chemistry caused by pregnancy hormones. After surviving puberty, how could we forget the smell of hormonal tidal waves? It quite literally stinks, but don't let it worry you. Your baby is worth it and there is a way to quench your stench while safeguarding your little one from the toxins found in most deodorants

Pit Liquor: A Deodorant Innovation Birthed by Pregnancy

In 2016, the Pit Liquor founders and inventors, Erica and Jason Feucht, were excitedly awaiting the birth of their daughter. Little did they know at first that this new life they were welcoming would also bring to life a revolutionary idea that would change Erica's pregnancy and many others.

(Erica and Jason Feucht, Co-Founders of Distilled Bath & Body and Co-Creators of Pit Liquor deodorant.)

On the Distilled Bath & Body website (the parent company of Pit Liquor), Erica details how Pit Liquor's invention came about. 

"Jason was concerned about the carcinogens in our deodorants and we'd been trying various natural alternatives, but none of them worked. One day, he begged me to stop using toxic deodorant for the baby. So I slapped hand sanitizer on my armpits and headed out the door issuing Jason a challenge to find something that actually worked. When I got home, I didn't stink. Always the inventor, Jason thought plain old hand sanitizer was a boring (and not entirely non-toxic) solution to underarm stench, but the hand sanitizer illuminated a new idea: high-proof, drinkable alcohol is less toxic than anything unregulated and potentially made from inedible ingredients. So, obviously, we turned to whiskey to solve our quandary. Jason began reading medical textbooks about deodorant after a conversation with our doctor about the topic. He did research, trials, and found a perfect formula all while sticking to a motto to use only ingredients that are safe enough to eat. Now, we've finished a successful Kickstarter campaign and sit cozy with our patent pending."

Where Are They Now?

Erica and Jason now have two children and both pregnancies were safeguarded in part by the food-gradeeffective ingredients in Pit Liquor deodorant. What you put in and on your body every day matters, but there's a heightened awareness of that during pregnancy. Your skin absorbs deeply what's slathered on it and carries it to all parts of your body—that can include your growing baby. The alcohol in Pit Liquor quickly evaporates and all that's left for your skin to absorb are stink-fighting ingredients safe enough for you to eat.

Our fearless founders would not compromise on what their babies were exposed to and you don't have to either. Pit Liquor allows you to use a truly non-toxic deodorant formulated specifically for the high standards of pregnancy safety. Finally, there's a safe deodorant for pregnant women you can trust with your pits and your progeny! Pit Liquor safe, natural deodorant is the stench-quenching unicorn wonder of the deodorant world, so pregnant or not, give it a try and smell the magic for yourself!


Laycie McClain lives nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, CO. It's a handy place to live for a Wyoming native who treasures mountain adventures, a good craft beer, and plenty of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors with her husband and daughter.


April 02, 2021 — Laycie McClain
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