New Year, New You

4 Ways to Have a Great New Year


Can we all just agree right now that 2020 was the worst? I think we're all breathing a collective sigh of relief that the year is over. And here we are: 2021. A fresh start, a blank canvas, a chance to renew ourselves.

A lot of people talk about goals or resolutions this time of year, and it sure feels like a year to make some new plans or ideals. But instead of specific "new year's resolutions" that you can break by February (unless it's Creed's cartwheel, then you've got this) what if we create something more achievable, more customizable?

Today we're sharing five general categories for you to think through. Each one is broad enough to encompass any person, any lifestyle. We'll give you a few ideas to get you thinking, but you can take each category and make it what works for you. The goal? To help you have the best year yet. Your goals are your own, and we want to come alongside you and cheer you on.

1. Personal Health

If we've learned anything this year, it's that your health is worth protecting. We want you to find yourself happier and healthier in 2021. And let's be clear: this doesn't mean you need to go run a marathon or lose 20 pounds. Maybe you want to do that, and that's cool with us, but don't put yourself into somebody else's expectations. You can be healthy, active, and happy, no matter who you are or your life circumstances.

Here's a few ideas to get you started:

  • Switch to natural deodorant: (You knew this was coming!) Get rid of those carcinogens and do your pits a favor with Pit Liquor's natural and organic formula. Wondering why this matters? Check out this post on natural deodorant.
  • Move your body every day: No matter your circumstances, your body needs to move to stay strong and healthy. Rather than putting yourself into a "go to the gym everyday" mold, make a goal like "move for 20 minutes every day." Then you can check off that gym day, a walk with a friend, or chasing your toddler around the house as care for your body.

2. Self-Care

Your self needs some love, wouldn't you agree? 2020 depleted every one of us. We hope this year you'll show yourself some kindness and do things that really matter to you, things you love and that bring you joy.

  • Do more of what you love: We can all agree there are things in our life that we love but just can't seem to find time for. Make this be the year you finally carve out the time! Maybe you want to read more book or run local trails or try good beer or perfect your underwater basket-weaving skills. Whatever your passion, we hope you'll make time for more of it this year. 
  • Sleep: Can the importance of sleep ever be overrated? Let's collectively agree to catch our 8 hours so we're a happier, healthier version of ourselves.

3. Kindness

If we've learned anything in 2020, it's that kindness matters in big and small ways. We hope in the coming year we can all make an effort to show kindness to everyone around them.

  • Choose a small act of kindness every day: Thank your grocery clerk, smile at the woman in line behind you (with your eyes, or maybe a smiley face mask!), pick up trash on the sidewalk, call an old friend, you get the idea. Small kindnesses matter deeply to others and boost your own mood as well.
  • Deepen your relationships: Show others how much they matter to you by taking the time to care about them. Send a card, make a phone call, even meet in person if you're able. Choose one or two people in your life specifically this year to find a truly deep and loving relationship with.

4. Giving Back

 One of our top values at Distilled Bath & Body is giving back to the world. We have a sustainability program, and what we're most proud of is the Tolos Project. In your own life, we hope you make our beautiful world a better place.

  • Find a charity that matters to you: Maybe it's working with animals or children across the world or revitalization in your neighborhood. Big or small, find a charity and give! You can donate your time, possessions, money, or support in a variety of ways that will be meaningful to you and those you're supporting.
  • Spend time each week giving back: Maybe you want to tutor kids or serve meals to the elderly or snuggle puppies at the pound. Whatever matters to you, go beyond a charity to your own neighborhood and find ways to invest your time in what matters to you.

We believe this year could be your best one yet. Tell us your goals for each category so we can cheer you on!


Melanie lives near Raleigh, NC with her husband and three kids. She loves hot coffee, good books, and deep conversations. Connect with her on Instagram via @melaniesallen

January 01, 2021 — Melanie Allen
Danislon and Ivanilson with milk

The Story of Danilson and Ivonilson

We've recently been thankful to walk beside a father who's navigating a really challenging time in his life. 

Danilson became a father the same day he lost his beloved wife. To make matters worse, he had no way of feeding his new baby. The cost for two weeks of baby formula was equivalent to an entire semester of college tuition. He had no access to that kind of money and was facing some grim realities as he grieved his dear wife. It's a situation we would never have known about, but our friend Iliezer and his English student Irina who is also a nurse at the local hospital in Guinea-Bissau were able to intervene.

 IliezerIrina Mendes

Above is Irina and Iliezer. These two people are responsible for helping their community and bringing hope to otherwise painful situations. We believe firmly that the solution to problems facing West African countries is found through locals who take initiative and are given access to resources (money). Local people understand their context and have the right approach to help most effectively. Irinia and Iliezer are just such incredible people. Through their efforts, in just over six months, four lives have been saved and over 20 other people have received life-changing assistance. School costs have been paid, micro-loans have been given and repaid, and mostly, medical bills have been paid.

At the beginning of August, we sent a wire transfer to West Africa. On the other end, Iliezer picked up money with Danilson. Together they went directly to the store to purchase what equates to nearly six months of baby formula.Milk for baby Ivanilson

Why so much at one time? Resources like baby formula are not guaranteed to be available. Iliezer knew it would be best if we knew there would be plenty for the near future for little Ivonilson. 

There's no way around the fact that this is still a very sad situation given the loss of Ivonilson's mother. His life will be marked by that loss, as will Danilson's. But Ivonilson, who carries forward his mother Ivone's name, will have a life to live and stories to tell. And who knows, but some day, he might play a part in helping others around him.

For now, Danilson's radiant smile and those two boxes of formula are lighting up our hearts. We look forward to seeing that baby grow and grow. 

Thank you for purchasing a product with a conscience. This was directly caused by the influx of orders that came from our story on CBS in June. We have the best customers! Thank you!!

Danilson and his baby with baby formula


August 16, 2018 — Jason and Erica Feucht