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Your New Favorite Clean Candle

We're all a-buzz about our new beeswax candles! Pour up your favorite relaxing drink. Draw a warm bath. Light one of these lovelies and give yourself some deserved R&R.
April 23, 2021 — Laycie McClain
Self Love

Self Love


"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." -Lucille Ball

You care about yourself. You know what you love; you know what you hate. You choose your favorite foods, your best dress, your drink of choice. You're a confident and capable human being. But the moment you walk down the personal care aisles at your favorite store, you freeze up. You wonder how to decide which shampoo or deodorant or cosmetic to buy. What if you use your amazing self-confidence to choose your bath and body products too? It's already inside you, you just have to discover how to use it.

Our world full of ads and influencers and strategic product placement can make it seem confusing to choose the best products. And like we've shared with you before, even "natural" products might not actually be natural! So how do you love yourself and your body well?

Start with the ingredients.

Before you place that beautiful bottle in your basket, flip it around and take a look at the ingredients. Are there chemicals or long names you've never heard of? Sulfates and parabens and that mystical catch-all "fragrance"? These kinds of products are hiding all sorts of chemicals that will poison your body over time. Your health and hormones work hard to filter our this kind of garbage every day, so make it easier on them by choosing natural products that boost your health. Find ingredients that you know, and are made from food or natural substances. Look for a short list that includes only what's really necessary, not a long list of additives.

Know yourself.

You already know your likes and dislikes, so dig down deeper to your health and wellness. Perhaps you have a gluten allergy or a history of breast cancer. Maybe you're vegan or allergic to fragrances. You already know this important information about yourself, so filter your body purchases through these conditions. Choose cruelty free or gluten free products. Look for non-aluminum deodorant or fragrance-free lotion. Don't be afraid to contact the brands you love and ask questions, or Google search for specific criteria. Chances are someone else has a similar health issue and has discovered or created just what you need.

Love yourself.

It can be easy to explain away splurging  on your favorite scents or quality products. But the bottom line is that you are worth the cost. You are worth caring for the body you inhabit. You are worth that favorite scent or favorite brand or extra-special item. So go for it. Give yourself the comfort and health you deserve by choosing products that are great for your body and make you happy


Wondering where to start your better-products journey? Find out more about our brand and why we started Distilled Bath & Body in the first place.

February 14, 2021 — Melanie Allen
What Your Wife Really Wants for Christmas

What Your Wife Really Wants for Christmas


It's the most wonderful time of the year. Twinkling lights shine all around, holiday decorations fill the stores, and you thoughtfully purchased gifts for your beloved wife and everyone else on your list. Wait... what are you getting your wife for Christmas?

You definitely don't want to repeat last year's mistake. That ironing board may have been something she needed, but it most definitely did not qualify as a gift. Note to you: don't buy household items unless your wife specifically asks for them. And even then, just don't. This year you want to make a big gesture and show her how thoughtful you can be and how much you appreciate her. Well, never fear, the Pit Liquor fairy is here! As a woman-owned, women-run business, we know what your wife really wants for Christmas. Are you ready? 

She wants a break. An honest to goodness, rest-without-anyone-bothering-her, minute/hour/day to herself.

This has been a tough year for us all, and your wife has become a super hero juggling work and kids and life as a whole. We know you appreciate her more than you could ever express, and we also know it can be hard to translate that love into a gift. We have the perfect gift trifecta for you: a few thoughtfully chosen, good for her body products to guide her toward the rest she needs and deserves.

First up: our new olive oil castile soap. This small-batch, handmade soap will wash away all her worries, leaving her smelling sweet and fresh. It's gentle enough for her face, hands, or body, and is easy to travel with once life returns to normal. With lavender, orange clove, and lime to choose from, you can find one that suits her perfectly.

Next, add our lavender bath tea. Healing umkaloabo, calming sea buckthorn, and Epsom salts combine with lavender and four other powerhouse healing herbs to pamper her and leave her rejuvenated. Fill the tub, add the tea, and let her soak her way to happiness. Bonus points for soothing music and candles.

Finish your perfect gift trio with our fan-favorite deodorant. She'll smell so good and feel so fresh she won't sweat the small (or big) stuff that's coming her way. We love coconut rum paired with our lime soap, lavender for a triple soap/tea/deodorant trifecta, or chai spice with our orange clove soap.

Pull these three together (we'll even gift wrap them for you) along with a dedicated, on the calendar day to herself before year's end. Take the kids or the dog and leave her to wash her cares away. No phone calls, no cleaning, just rest. After 2020, she deserves it.

December 09, 2020 — Melanie Allen